25 October 2011

A New Day; A New Blog


Dobry Den. (Good day; hello; etc).

For years I have maintained a blog called "Coffee with Curt." As I indicated in my last post to that blog, however, my wife and I have moved to the beautiful city of Prague, capital of the Czech Republic. Here we will continue our work with Lifework Forum, ministering to families in this region of the world and beyond.

I do not yet know what, if anything, I will do with the old blog. For the moment it will be an archive. I think that I have some pretty good posts there!

For the moment, I will be posting my reflections of life as an expat (expatriate) learning to live in a new country; on a new continent; and with a new language to learn. There have been many blogs from Prague (I know. I checked), but most of those bloggers are nowhere near my age. This should be a different perspective.

I will also post ministry notes here, For instance, we do not have our own place to live here, yet, but we are leaving to go to Bulgaria next week. Brothers and sisters here are taking care of us, however.

More later, but please note this: I have closed my LinkedIn account. It has caused much grief with no discernible upside. I apologize to those of you who received emails from that account.

This is a lovely city. When we have space to host you (which is our aim) you are welcome to visit.

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  1. I know since we live lots of miles away from each other and have only visited on another occasionally, I'm not supposed to notice that you are not in the US. But the truth is I do. The Lord has put you so much more upon my heart and prayers. And all those times I used to think okay when I finish X.... I'll call Sandra--well, they are interrupted with the realization I can't. The only plus side is knowing God has called you and you are in His wonderful hands. : ) I've got a mini cam, so we can skype when you all settle down.

    Like the new site--God bless you