17 November 2011

A City By the Sea

So, it’s 1972. I’m walking along in the woods near the Black Sea. It’s the city of Burgas and I’m studying, with a group of visiting Political Scientists, at a Socialist Youth Camp. The loudspeakers, which are strung on many trees, are blaring (in Bulgarian) sonnets in praise of the glorious Communist Revolution.
Fast forward 39 years! I’m in Burgas again, this time as a visiting Christian statesman (for that is what I am).
What a difference a few decades makes. The city has changed tremendously. Billboards, capitalist everything, lots of cars, and lots of tourists. I have had a few changes, too. I was SAVED by Jesus Christ; served in the pastorate; was a missionary to several places; and now, I’m “retired” to Prague, a city I love.
Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

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