27 November 2012

Heathcare Reform - European Style

Healthcare, or ObamaCare, has been at the forefront of the news in the USA for several years. The USA, however, is not the only country with such issues. Here in the Czech Republic, and other countries in the region, doctors have been abandoning the country over their issues.

According to a report in the Prague Post this week,

Doctors in the region have long opposed the health policies of their respective countries, especially in the Czech Republic, where the "Thank You, We Are Leaving" (Děkujeme, odcházime) campaign, launched in the summer of 2010, saw more than 4,000 doctors hand in their post-dated resignations to hospitals, making their frustration over unsatisfactory pay rates and working conditions known.

That’s nothing, in Romania, it is reported that, “Between 2007 and 2012, more than 10,000 doctors left Romania, according to the country's College of Physicians (CRM).”

So, pointing to the wonderful healthcare of Europe as some sort of vindication of ObamaCare is, perhaps, not the best advertising for advocates. Maybe they need to go back and resurrect Michael Moore’s movie Sicko and compare the US healthcare system (unfavorably, of course) with that of Cuba.

I'm pretty sure that I will NOT be heading to Cuba for my healthcare any time soon. I'm just as sure that socialized medicine, wherever it is practiced, is a "fail."

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