22 February 2013

More Blogs and Bloggers

Today, I'd like to point you to just two blogs. One is brand, spanking new and the other was recommended at this new one.

http://www.thebenaddiction.com/ is the new one. It officially launched on 4 February, but was already stocked with a goodly number of articles on topics such as Super Bowl ads, How to Love a Grumpy Spouse, and The Desolation of Women. He also has pieces on history, theology, and pastoral counseling.

The author and creator of thebenaddiction (names by his son, BTW), is Ben, a US Army Chaplain currently stationed in Alaska (he lives in Wasilla. Sound familiar?). His writing is down-to-earth, even though he favors thick theological tomes on his "Recommendations" page.

I love this new blog/website. It even looks good.

Now, I also want to mention www.revnev.com. This one is new to me. It was on the list of "Favorite Blogs" at thebenaddiction. I checked it out and spent some time there. I like it. The tagline says, "where faith and politics meet," and Eric Nevins does deal with both topics. But there is much more. He also has good thoughts on books and reading. Again, it also looks good. He gives a plug to his sister who created his clean, neat logo.

So, there you have it, today's blog update. What do you read? Willing to share? I dare you.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out, Curt! Your observation of the apparent contradiction between my writing style and the type of books I recommend was helpful. Blessings! - Ben