26 April 2013

A Lovely Day in the Neighborhood

When Sandra and I lived in Maine, just the two of us, we grocery shopped maybe once per month. We went to Post Office about once a day and the bank as needed. For each of these tasks (and others) we would load up the car, get on the road and drive. Then shop, load, return.

Things are different here. First, we live in a city and we don't have a car. One would think that the pace of life in the (relatively) big city would be much faster. That's not necessarily so. After all it is a European (relatively) big city.

This morning I took a typical jaunt through the neighborhood to take care of necessary tasks. The graphic represents the errands I ran (walked). First I went to the Bankomat (ATM) to draw out the necessary currency. Then I went around the corner to the Pošta (Post Office) to pay a bill. We don't have check books here and make payments through the PO or direct transfers through our bank account.

Next I wandered over to the potravini (grocery store) to pick up a few items. We do this two or three times a week here. No car to haul things and bread is fresh several times a day. Finally, I walked over to Komerčni Banká (our bank - there are three branches just in our neighborhood) to make a deposit so that I can make a bank transfer later today.

All together I may have walked a mile. The weather was pleasant, people smiled at me. As I went out the door to my building, a man was coming in and held the door open for me. I said děkuji (thank you); he replied  není zač.

All days are not like this, but this morning sure was a pleasant one. Now - BACK TO WORK.

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