14 June 2013

A (Twelfth) Night's Adventure

So, on our trip to America we stayed with both daughters. While with the daughter in Connecticut (that's Sunnie, the librarian), we had the opportunity to go out to a Shakespeare play. We saw a wonderful production of "Twelfth Night." Then the real fun began.

We walked to a local restaurant for a snack. It was a good time of discussion and the food was excellent. Then we went back to find a darkened and quite closed parking garage. Uh oh!

Sunnie's friend began a walk around the building to find - anything. He came back and reported that the last stagehand was still outside enjoying a last cigarette of the night (not recommended, boys and girls, but helpful to us this night. God can use anything!). She agreed to take us through the theater, across the backstage area to the door adjoining the garage. She also showed us the one door with an "after hours" door opener.

We had two vehicles, so we had to push the button which raised the cross bar and the door twice. Then out into the Connecticut night - and home to Sunnie's.

It was just a little bit of adventure added to our night. A good time was had by all.

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