06 August 2013

No Snooping Allowed - in Czech Republic

Citizens in the USA are fuming about revelations that governments agencies tasked with protecting them are actually spying on them. "Big Brother" is keeping current with the activities of the people, it seems (see this article, among many on the situation). 

Meanwhile, an short note appeared at the Prague Radio website, indicating that this sort of thing will not be tolerated here in the Czech Republic.

Personal data watchdog fines Post over making deliverers carry GPS devices
The Office for the Protection of Personal Data has fined Czech Post for monitoring the routes of postal delivery workers using devices equipped with GPS technology, Czech Television has reported. While the fine was a token CZK 80,000, the country’s postal service operator has changed its practices, no longer employing blanket monitoring of employees in the field and processing the data acquired differently, Czech TV said. Czech Post said it had introduced the system so as to be able to investigate complaints from clients who said delivery staff had not rung at their door when attempting to deliver a parcel. A spokesperson for Czech Post said it now used a system under which they can monitor whether deliverers reached a certain point a certain time.
So, the USA, with a splendid history of personal freedoms and constitutional protections, moves toward big-brotherliness. Meanwhile former Soviet-sphere state Czech Republic is taking steps to see to it that this does not happen here - again.
With regard to Edward Snowden, the US government analyst currently hiding out in the Moscow airport, I don't know what to think. A long time ago I worked in an allied field. I don't know whether he is a traitor or a hero. I don't suppose we in the general public will ever have enough information to make an informed opinion on that. But, just a few years ago, I would never have even considered the question. I would have assume he is a traitor. How things have changed.

Does anybody else see the emerging patterns here?


  1. I have absolutely no doubt the intelligence services of the Czech Republic are doing the same sort of snooping as the NSA but to a much smaller degree. Fewer citizens. You can also be sure the Czech equivalent of the CIA or MI-6 snoop on fellow democracies as well their adversaries. This is all routine in the international intelligence communities. I'm in no way defending the NSA. If you want to know who the best snoopers are internationally look at the Chinese. And Iran. The British. Snowden is a whistle blower and should have stayed in the US to defeat the charges. However, I wouldn't trust the US justice system either.

  2. You are absolutely right, Phil. Remember that, albeit a long time ago, I also worked in an allied field. But, to prove you right, this article appeared in the Prague Daily Monitor today. http://praguemonitor.com/2013/08/13/police-wiretapping-increased-last-year