21 February 2014

Ukrainian Situation Continues

There is a lot of information coming out of Kyiv (Kiev) right now. We cannot be sure of the veracity of all of it. What we do know is that the situation is still unstable. We also know that the Obama regime continues to do nothing at all.

Allow me to share some of the most important (IMHO) dispatches from Maidan, the nerve center of the protest activity. Euromaidan reports:
People on the Maidan are not pleased with the results of the agreement signed today. One of the leaders of the Self Defense units interrupted the speech given by the opposition leader and demanded that Yanukovych resign by February 20th -- otherwise an armed resistance would begin. 
The Ukrainian Parliament just voted overwhelmingly to re-enact the Constitutional amendments passed in 2004, and then cancelled by the Yanukovych-controlled Constitutional Court in 2010. In other words, Ukraine just became a Parliamentary-Presidential republic again.
There are conflicting reports on whether the current truce is holding. Claims and counterclaims are being made regarding the use of rubber bullets aimed at legs or AK 47s aiming to kill.

A positive note was seen in the response in several European capitols. 

Even more encouraging is the FoxNews report that clergy of several denominations have been out in the streets braving bullets and bullies, setting up tents as chapels and offering solace and prayer to the people in the Independence Square.

The report quotes Roksolana Stojko-Lozynskyj, of the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America stating,

“They are there as pastors looking over their flocks,” Roksolana Stojko-Lozynskyj, of the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America, told FoxNews.com. “Although they are not in [an official] leadership [role], they are well-respected in the community."

Continue to pray, friends. This is not over by a longshot. What happens here may spread to other nations. A taste of democracy has a way of encouraging people to risk all. Americans, in particular, note well what lengths people will go to to attain and/or protect freedoms. Note also the lengths to which despots will go to protect their nefarious reigns.


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