10 March 2014

Another New Era

Things keep changing! If you read this blog at all, you've noticed that I have not been regular in my posting. I did put up a number of news reports about the Ukraine crisis, though.

I am in the midst of a Media makeover at the moment. I'm trying to get my web ducks in a rowand make things more accessible and sensible.

Therefore, this blog will be even less active in the near future. I will post to it from time to time, but I will be primarily concentrating on my new site at  www.jcurtislovelace.com. Please remember that this is very much a work in progress - as in "not ready for primetime." 

I will be posting tidbits of news and information, starting dialogues (arguments), and adding an occasional blog-type entry. Please go over there and "follow" me and pass it along to your friends, neighbors, relatives, and even enemies. I really want to start conversations.

At the top of that page at the moment, you'll see a "product-type" semi-announcement (incomplete infer, but a teaser). Celebrate it with us.

That's it for now. Go to www.jcurtislovelace.com.

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