14 August 2012

Conversation Without Conversational Czech

Although I have not yet begun formal classes in the Czech language, it is still possible to have a conversation of sorts with the minimal Czech I have picked up. Here’s an example from a conversation I have regularly at the local Billa (grocery store).

Me: dobrý den (Hello)
Pokladnik (cashier):dobrý den

Pokladnik: máte kartu? (Do you have a card?)
Me: Ne (no)

Me: děkuji (Thank you)
Pokladnik: prosím (You’re Welcome)

Me: Na shledanou (Goodbye)
Pokladnik: Na shledanou

Impressive language skills, eh? I have not tried to converse with my doctor in Czech, though. Who knows what I’d ending getting surgically altered?


  1. Do they stop and stare when you speak their language? That's what they did to us in Shanghai. At least the Germans thought it was great fun, and asked if they could practice their English on us in return.

  2. They accept it pretty readily, actually, then switch to English without a hitch when needed.

  3. That's the problem with haircuts in non-English salons, too. The things that get lost in translation are the things that make a girl look CRAZY. :)

  4. Also, I'm impressed that you're typing with one good eye. Arrrrr...