10 September 2012

Sabbath Day Walk

Sandra and I went on a walk yesterday (9 September) as we celebrated the Lord’s Day. Much of this walk was in and around the grounds of the Prague Castle. This is more than simply a tourist attraction. For more than 1100 years, the castle has been the seat of government and the scene of many historic events in the history of this land.

There are several chapels on the castle grounds. There is also St. Vitus Cathedral. The cathedral is described on one web page this way.
For more than 600 years, the roofs of Prague Castle have been overlooked by the towers of St Vitus Cathedral. The cathedral, whose original name is St Vitus, St Wenceslas and St Adalbert Cathedral, is the biggest and the most important church in the Czech Republic. It’s the seat of the Archbishop of Prague and the place where saints, kings, princes and emperors of Bohemia are buried. The coronations of the kings of Bohemia were held there until 1836. It’s one of the best examples of Gothic architecture. (http://www.prague.net/st-vitus-cathedral)
Just one view of this magnificent edifice   
We marveled as we walked around, and into, this architectural masterpiece. Now, I am no architectural student, but I was in awe as we looked at this building erected in honor of and for the glory of God.

Such construction is not necessary for us as we seek to worship our Holy God corporately and individually, however. No, I am not condemning the building of grand edifices. I am simply saying that where two or three are gathered in His Name, He is with them (Matthew 18:20). That may be in a grand cathedral or it may be in a small wooden building, or in a field.

It’s wonderful to soak up the history and the grandeur of days gone by. It’s better to worship God in “spirit and in truth” (John 4:24). We had the opportunity to do both yesterday. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

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  1. Anonymous9/15/2012

    St. Adalbert, alink between Prauge and Dayton, OH. http://www.flickr.com/photos/jjsink/3566248461/in/photostream/

    Not quite a cathedral. Just a rement of the old ethnic neighborhhods of Dayton.