28 December 2012

THE Big Story

It's the end of the year. This is the time of year when American media tell stories about their stories over the preceding year. It's a good time to remind ourselves about the foundational story of everything: the Book of Genesis. Over the next week, I will publish some thoughts on Genesis, creation, and God. I will begin with what I believe regarding this all-important message from - and about - God.

  • I believe the Book of Genesis. I believe it literally. I used the word “story” in my intro, which to some people means fiction. I do not accept anything in this book to be fictional. I accept is as being a revealing to me about how this world was created. I don’t necessarily understand all the processes that are in play in terms of science – or whether God even used anything that we would relate to as scientific. I know that it says God created the heavens and the earth and I believe that to be totally true.  
  •  I am a creationist; a young earth creationist, at that. That means that I do not believe in the theory of evolution. I do not believe that man rose up out of some primordial ooze as a single-celled organism and evolved into what he is today. I do not accept, as is the general understanding that earth is millions or billions of years old.
  • I don't need to engage scientific theories, or even theological theories.  I do not believe that it is necessary for Bible-believers to explain away, or harmonize God’s Word with the current scientific theories. That’s not my job. I may study science, because true science is simply understanding the universe that God has created. But, I'm more interested in what God says, not about what pagan scientists claim.  
  • I believe that this book is foundational to understanding the rest of the Bible - and God's world. The importance of this book is that it answers the fundamental questions of human existence. 1. How did we get here? Where did we come from? 2. Why are we here? What is our purpose here? Where does sin come from? 3. What happens at death? Is there life after death? Genesis is the foundation for the rest of Scripture in which these questions are answered.   

Happy New Year. More on this topic next year.

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