01 January 2013

First Things

A joyous 2013 to you all. For this first day and first blog post of the new year. I want to take a look at first things.

The Book of Genesis is the book of first things. It chronicles the very first day, the first animals, the first trees, etc. It also contains the first mention of the Gospel. I often refer to this book as The Gospel of Genesis.
Read Luke 24:25-27. This narrative takes place as the Risen Jesus travels along the road to Emmaus with a couple of sad disciples. People generally accept that the NT is about Jesus Christ. Jesus, however, taught that the entire Bible was about Him! As we think about first things, we have to recognize that THE first thing was the Christ, the Word, the 2nd person of the Trinity. 

He was there – at the beginning. It's there in John 1:1. How do we know that John is writing about Jesus Christ? This is a reasonable question. Nowhere in these verses is the Name of Jesus actually mentioned. He is simply referred to as the Word. But, John makes it clear that Jesus is His subject. We find this clarity in 1 John 1:1-3. We can also look into John 17:5. Who was with the Father in the beginning? It was Jesus.

He was there – involved in the creation. Having established that it was Jesus Christ whom John proclaimed to be the Word who was present at creation, we can look at “why” He was there. He was being creative! Through Him ALL things were made. (See Heb. 1:1-2). Jesus Christ, is the Creator God. Does that diminish the roles of the Father and the Holy Spirit? Certainly not. But, you see, this entire Book (Bible) is about Him; the only possible redeemer of mankind.

So, scant as it is, here's a quick peek at THE First Things.  Having managed to make it through the "holiday season," and the end of the Mayan Calendar. We can catch our breath and contemplate anew the grandeur and the majesty of the Christ - and marvel at His creation.

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