08 January 2013

Blogs and Bloggers

A couple of months ago, my wife became a member of a group called Fellowship of Christian Bloggers. I found it interesting, first of all, that such a group exists, and secondly that my wife would join up. She really isn't much of a joiner.

That did get me thinking about blogs and their writers in general. What are blogs? Who writes them? Why? Well, the easy part is that "blog" is a shortened version of "web log." Hence, blog.

The answers to the other questions really vary widely, depending upon the writer and the genre (if there is one). So I defer to another couple of questions, "Who reads them?" and "Why?" So, I made a list of the blogs that I tend to read. I don't read any of them "religiously," but there are a few that I frequent. I will list some of them here (saving others for another blog entry) and give brief overviews. Then I will add each of them to a so-far non-existent blog list or "blog roll."

Tim Challies. This is one that makes me really shake my head. Challies produces a blog every day. In it he includes news, views, reviews and more. I do not understand how a man with a family and a church to pastor finds the time and energy to do all that Tim does with this blog. I do know that I read it fairly regularly and usually profit from it. Of particular interest to me is the various book reviews he produces. He also, of course, has a twitter account at: @challies.

Albert Mohler. Dr. Mohler is President of The Southern Baptists Theological Seminary. He writes and speaks often. His content varies from theological topics to reflections on the news of the day. Follow him and you will most likely learn something. You should not be disappointed with the time spent reading his blog.

PyroManiacs. This a "group blog" written by men named Phil Johnson, Dan Phillips, Frank Turk, and someone referred to as "Pecadillo." The topics vary and seem, to me, a bit strange at times. But, I think it's a "good" strange. Included as part of this blog is something titled "Your weekly dose of Spurgeon." I'll leave it to you readers to figure out what that's about.

Adrian Warnock. This is one interesting fellow. Trained as a medical doctor and psychiatrist, he currently works in research in London (UK). He is also a regular preacher at Jubilee Fellowship in that city. His topics vary widely and can be interesting. He even has an "End of the Year Review."

Views From The Loft. This is my favorite (honestly). I get to read it regularly, before it's even published! It is written by Sandra Lovelace (yes, my wife). She is one of the most astute observers of the world I have ever read. Look this one up. You will not be disappointed.

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