05 July 2013

Reasserting Christian Influence in a Moral Wasteland

Having laid out the probem of lost Christian influence, we should now consider what, if anything, can be done about this. 

In order for Christianity to reassert its proper place in western (and eastern) culture, it must first reclaim the churches. Orthodox Christian theology indicates, of course, that Christianity will never be “dead.”  Certainly, however, it is in need of doctors, spiritual doctors. The condition of the patient has worsened because of the malpractice of the spiritual doctors. The world does not know or understand Christianity because we have not taught it. The leadership of the church needs to extricate itself from the many “isms” and “programs” it is following down the path to humanism and reassert the primacy of Scripture. The very fact that mankind will not allow the Christian memory to die confirms the fact that a spiritual thirst still exists. Seeking some kind of spiritual fulfillment, men and women are casting about trying to find some good news.

An acquaintance with Biblical doctrines is the surest inoculation against runaway humanism. In his plea for preachers who will preach to the heart, Sinclair Ferguson states, “When there is the exposition of the Scriptures, an enlargement and opening of the preacher’s heart, and the exposing of the hearts of the hearers, then the majesty of the Word of God written will be self-evident and the presence of the Word of God incarnate will stand forth in all His glory.”[8] When we get the relationship between the Creator and His creation right, we can hardly continue to place man in the position reserved for God.

Avoiding Entangling Alliances

A second step toward the repositioning of Christianity within the society is to take the advice of President George Washington, who warned the fledgling nation to avoid entangling alliances. In recent years conservative Christians have bonded with the Republican party. Branding the other party “liberal,” Christian leaders have allowed themselves to be co-opted by the political leaders of their party. Yet, many of the elected officials and political operatives of the Republican party openly stand for abortion rights, homosexual marriage and other anti-Christian policies.

Some Christians have simply opted out of politics altogether. This would seem a foolhardy approach, since Christians are called to affect the society in which they live in a positive manner. Rather, a careful assessment of candidates, on an individual basis, rather than endorsement of a platform full of humanistic platitudes, would be a reasonable approach. Failing to find candidates who are willing to stand for truth and justice, as expressed in God’s Word might just call for Christians to find better candidates – or run for office themselves.

Neither political party is the party of God. Neither is the Christian party. As attitudes and beliefs ebb and flow, politicians adjust to the shifting sands beneath their feet. If Christians are to retake the moral and political high ground, and reassert Christian morality and practice in the west - and particularly in the United States, they need to be wise in their choices – not going along with the “moderates” in the allegedly conservative party.

Proclaim His Wondrous Deeds

Christianity will not magically become the ethos of the land once more. Christians must be willing to do the work to bring it back to prominence. We are to be the first to model our repentance and obedience to the law of God. We should pray for our land – for our family members, neighbors, and strangers. We are called to work on behalf of the fatherless and widow, and to seek justice. As Colson and Pearcey put it, “We  must be men and women who will dare to wrest Christianity free from its fortress mentality, its sanctuary stronghold, and establish it once again as the great life system and cultural force that acknowledges the Creator as sovereign over all.”[9]

The west has been lost to Christianity, not by invasion or military conquest, but by self-centeredness and smugness. We have “claimed to be wise” and “exchanged the glory of the immortal God for images made to look like mortal man and animals and reptiles.”[10]

All is not lost.  God will use even the weakest of His creatures for His glory. “For the foolishness of God is wiser than Man’s wisdom, and the weakness of God is stronger than man’s strength.”[11]


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