23 July 2013

Zimmerman reaction (of course) and guest blog

OK, the entire blogosphere has commented on the Zimmerman verdict. Actually, I wrote about Race Relations in America twice in the weeks preceding the outcome of that trial, but without reference to that court case.

But I want to share just one reasonable response from the computer of The BenAddiction.
Boy, have I been busy lately! For the past two months it seems my life has been like a whirlwind. I’ve done a lot of personal and ministry related travel and I haven’t been able to write in a very long while.Much has transpired since my last entry. Some of the highlights include the US Supreme Court’s ruling against the Defense of Marriage Act, we’ve learned that the government – via the NSA – has been spying on everyone, that the government – via the IRS – has been targeting conservatives, and very recently we’ve had the George Zimmerman murder trial.Most of my conservative friends and acquaintances think the Supreme Court’s ruling is apocalyptic in its brazen defiance of the sheer obviousness of the created order. Additionally, most of my conservative friends have been outraged at the gross constitutional violations involved in the revelations of governmental spying and the targeting of individuals and groups on the basis of political ideology. At the same time, many of my liberal friends and acquaintances applaud the Supreme Court’s ruling, and are mostly unconcerned about the government targeting on the basis of ideology and they appear ambivalent about the NSA spying on the entire populace.In these scenarios it is the conservatives who are outraged by the actions of the courts and government, while the liberals are in general agreement with the actions and decisions of the various governmental bodies.However, when it comes to the George Zimmerman trial and the resulting verdict,...
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