01 November 2013

Na zdravi

So I was in the surgical post-op ward in the Fakultni Nemocnice Motol (Teaching Hospital at Motol) in Prague. This is one of the five rooms I was in during my three plus weeks in the hospital.

My roommate on my right had a visitor come in. I could tell something was up by the look on the visitor's face. Sure enough, I heard clunk, clunk. I looked over and there were two bottles of Pilsner Urquell on the table next to my roomie's bed. BUT, the visitor had forgotten the opener.

No problem. He went out and asked the staff for one! Doctors and nurses were in and out of the room. No issue. The buddies spent and hour and a half drinking a beer and talking.

Na zdravi (to your health; cheers). Welcome to the Czech Republic.

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