08 November 2013

No Rest for the Infirm

Most folks who've ever been in a hospital know that it's no place to rest up. Hospitals in Prague are no different. During the day there are long periods of time for naps, but the beginning and end of each day are packed with tests, shots, and poking and prodding. Here's a typical start to my day while I was at Fakultni Nemocnice Motol:

5:30- 6amTemp, blood pressure, 4 vials of blood, small amount for glucose monitor, EKG. 
Then, around 7amBreakfast, usually consisting of a large amount of white bread (a "no-no" for this diabetic), some butter, maybe some jam, and something called "white coffee" which is not coffee. 
Between 8 and 10 amVelke Vizita (Grand Rounds). The head doctor goes around the ward with younger doctors and students, talking about each patient.  Often, they take the opportunity for poking and prodding exactly where you hurt.
Meals are at 7, 12, and 5. Fruit tea (a ghastly beverage) is available at all times). 
Lights out at 11pm - after evening shots, temp, blood pressure, adjustments to IV bags, etc.

Obviously, one needs to go home to get any rest, unless the Red Sox are playing in game six of the World Series on another continent and the game begins at 1am.

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