13 May 2013

Answering Atheism

Sandra and I are attending the annual conference of the European Educators' Christian Association (EurECA), near s'Hertogenbosch, Netherlands. This is a gathering of Christian teachers and administrators from allover Europe. This year there are people from 17 different nations here speaking all sorts of languages, although the sessions are all held in English. 

The theme this time is "Answering Atheism." The keynote speaker, John Lennox, is described in the flyer ths way:                        
He is probably the world's best-known Christian apologist. He is frequently the one who is called when such influential atheists as Richard Dawkins issue new assaults on Christianity ("The God Delusion").

As a mathematician, Lennox is both rational and a deeply loving Christian, with a gift of answering his atheist opponents in a humble but convincing way. We are very pleased to have him as our speaker – and we hope you will join us for this unique opportunity!
We travelled here from Haarlem, where Sandra had a small workshop for moms on Wednesday night. The previous weekend we had conducted a conference on the theme of Discipleship, in Rosmalen, near s'Hertogenbosch.

We are in a former monastery and the setting is great. The conversations thus far have been stimulating and John Lennox's lectures interesting. We're thankful for this group and for the opportunity, as home education advocates, to become part of the conference and the organization.

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