03 May 2013

On the Road

On the Road
In 1957 Jack Kerouac had his first novel published. Titled On the Roadfor some reason it immediately became popular. I was among the first generation of American high school students who had this book assigned. It was incomprehensible. It was torture. I’m sure Kerouac was tortured while writing it.
The title, however, is what’s appropriate for this blog entry. Sandra and I, you see, are on the road again (Willie Nelson made that title famous). On the first of May we flew from our home in Prague to the beautiful city of Amsterdam. It’s spring and that is the time for the tulips to bloom (although we are actually just a little late). We aren’t really here for tourist purposes (we have two conferences to attend), but we are hoping to get to Keukenhof Gardens, the spectacular fields of blooming tulips - actually the world’s largest tulip garden.  We also have many friends here. We won’t be able to visit with all of them, but hope to see many. 
Here are the two conferences, one of which begins tonight.
BHC ’13 (Blessed Home Conferences) Sandra and I are the speakers at this two day event, sponsored by Lifework Forum.
EurECA Conference 2013 This is a network of Christian educators fro all around Europe Europe.We are attendees, not speakers.
So, there you have it; an almost-live blog from the Netherlands. There will be more as I share what’s going on here.

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