21 May 2013

Coming to America

Coming to America is the title of a comedy film released in 1988. Eddie Murphy stars as an African prince who goes to Brooklyn, NY and falls in love with an American woman, although his parents have already arranged a marriage for him in Africa.

I’m neither an African nor a Crown Prince, nor have I ever played either in a movie. I am, however, coming to America. In fact, by the time you read this I will have already arrived.

This trip required a lot of preparation. We live in Prague, Czech Republic, so there was air travel to arrange. We also spent the first two weeks of May in the Netherlands at two conferences. So, it was a matter of going home (to Prague); doing laundry; paying bills; unpacking from first trip; packing for next trip. There was only one week between trips. Thankfully, my wife is a master planner and strategist. She parceled out the various required tasks. It was almost manageable. We thank God for the strength to get it all done!

So, now, what’s going on in America? Well, first, there are the visits to children and grandchildren. Then there are the details regarding our various stored items (furniture, etc. from our house in Maine. Please continue to pray that this house would be sold. It’s a continuing financial burden.) We have various medical and dental appointments.

I will be preaching in several states (New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maryland) and we will meet with people at a few events. We need to raise more financial support to enable us to continue living and working here in Prague. We do invite you to take part in that, if you are led to do so. Just go to our “donate” page at our website. We appreciate the support we receive in both prayer and finances.

We return home on June 26 and will receive a number of guests from various countries for the following few weeks. After that we are planning a BIG trip to Bangkok, Thailand for several weeks, working with Life Raft International. We would appreciate your prayer for that trip. It will be ministry well outside our experience (not the travel part, that's pretty normal for us!). 

That’s it folks. We are COMING TO AMERICA.

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